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Flat Roofs Repairs

Flat Roof Repairs

Whether you’re looking for temporary flat roof patching for small cracks, flat roof repairs, or complete replacements, High Design Roofing is your local specialist in South Yorkshire. A leaking flat roof can lead to significant damage so prompt action is always advised.

This is especially important if your flat roof has been exposed to UV sunlight,
repeated freeze-thaw cycles and physical impact as these can accelerate change significantly. Operating across the region, for swift, all-weather repairs to flat roof problems, do not delay in contacting our experienced and helpful team for more information!

Types of Flat roof repairs

  • Patch repairs and resealing joints to roof covering
  • Repairing or replacing flashings
  • Removing and replacing damaged bricks
  • Guttering repairs
  • Skylight seal renewal
  • Repointing brickwork

No Hidden Extras

  • Experienced and fully trained workmen
  • 4 hour availability
  • Professional and efficient work and completion
  • Parts and materials used - extra costs

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If you find a lower price, we’ll match it!

Our Guarantee

Our workmanship carries a guarantee for up to 12 months.